Pringles Stix in body

April 4/Battle Creek, Mich. -- Pringles Stix are now on shelves. A playful twist on the original and beloved Pringles potato crisps, Pringles Stix evokes spontaneous moments of snack time fun thanks to their playful shape, crispy texture, and undeniably delicious taste. Whether standing in as drum sticks or serving as a substitute for chopsticks, these crispy sticks are sure to excite the imagination as well as the taste buds.

“Snacking isn’t just about satisfying your appetite for something crispy and crunchy,” said Teresa Lindsey-Houston, Pringles marketing director. “Pringles Stix are as fun to play with as they are to eat, so share them with your friends, bring them to the party, and don’t be afraid to play with your food.”

As one of the few Pringles products to stray from the iconic oval shape of the original crisp, Pringles Stix provide that same great taste the brand is known for, with a fresh twist. With incredible crispiness, crunchiness, and a unique shape that is sure to provide a quick break from reality, these sticks provide a snack time experience you won’t want to miss. Available in an eight count box of single serve pouches or a 70-count resealable bag of sticks, Pringles Stix come in three deliciously different flavors: Honey Butter, Pizza and Cheese.