spices, pils of ingredientsNaturex now offers convenient fruit and vegetable powders for savory, sweet and baby food applications. Naturex’s unique BIRS tower, a gigantic spray-drying facility, creates powders that offer clean label solutions and maintain the organoleptic properties of original, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. Each powder is instantly soluble when poured into hot or cold water. Thanks to the size and shape of its particles, the powder shows complete texture recovery without sedimentation. In a comparative study, the hot, spray-dried tomato powder settled to the bottom of the container after 4 minutes, while the cold spray-dried powder processed in the BIRS tower continued to show an excellent homogenous suspension in the solution. The BIRS tower technology, with its unique dimensions and gentle process (< 50°C), guarantees a slow and cold drying of the puree that is poured into the top of the structure. As a result, Naturex offers pure 100% fruit or vegetable powders, free from any carriers or additives.


–Naturex, www.naturex.com