Johnsonville Pepper Jack Sausage in body

May 29/Sheboygan Falls, Wis. -- Just in time for the 2013 grilling season come two new smoked-cooked sausage flavors from Johnsonville: Pepper Jack Cheese and Mushroom & Swiss Cheese. These two new naturally smoked-cooked sausage varieties will be available nationwide in select grocery stores through Labor Day 2013.

Real mushrooms and Swiss cheese deliver savory flavor, while the union of creamy Monterey Jack cheese, sweet peppers and jalapenos provide a zesty taste for smoked-cooked sausage fans. Both products are made with only premium cuts of pork and are gluten free. The products are also made with no fillers.

Pepper Jack cheese has become increasingly popular, according to Datassential, a restaurant market-research firm. They report that this menu offering on fast-food sandwiches has jumped more than 37% over the past four years, and its availability as a menu offering on fast-food burgers has grown more than 56% in the same period. While the popular combination of mushroom and Swiss has been a favorite for decades on burgers, Johnsonville is bringing that taste to its smoked-cooked sausage products.

"Bringing flavorful, unique smoked-cooked sausage varieties is something our customers have come to expect from Johnsonville, and we're pleased to bring these new and fun, limited-time offer flavors for the 2013 grilling season," said Chris O'Toole, Johnsonville senior brand manager. "These special blends include ingredients that are visible in the sausage and are sure to complement the Johnsonville line of smoked-cooked sausage products."