sweet potato triscuitTriscuit has a curious selling strategy behind the latest addition to its line. A company release notes the brand is “thrilled to launch a new line of crackers made from real food ingredients,” which may well be one of the most obvious and, to a degree, most baffling statements in product promotions in some time. 
Regardless, the Brown Rice Triscuit boasts 100% whole-grain brown rice and wheat, along with pieces of sweet potatoes or red beans, to bring a new flavor to the cracker aisle. Varieties of the Brown Rice Triscuit line include Tomato & Sweet Basil, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Red Bean Seasoned with Roasted Red Pepper, Red Bean Seasoned with Savory Red Bean and Sweet Potato Seasoned with Roasted Sweet Onion.
Each, the company assures, has a lighter texture and a crispier crunch than other Triscuit varieties, but they also boast a certain health halo, as well. A 29g serving has 21g of whole grains, no HFCS, hydrogenated oil, cholesterol or artificial flavors.
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