Real Beanz iced coffeeJoining the notion of healthfully energizing beverages is a new line of iced coffees from Real Beanz.

“Our line of iced coffee beverages is made with all-natural ingredients, in order to give people a boost without any of the unhealthy side-effects typically associated with energy drinks,” explains Serge Freund, CEO of Real Beanz.

The seven flavors include Energize, Trim & Fit, Focus, Resist, Relax and Refresh (in cappuccino and dark roast options). The 100% natural drinks are kosher-certified and promise such energizing standards as guarana, panax ginseng, yerba mate, vitamins B6 and B12, and panthothenic acid. The Trim & Fit option takes the energizing concept into weight-managing territory with the addition of chromium, CLA and fiber, not to mention half the calories of the rest of the line.