Hiland Iced Coffee in body

June 13/Springfield, Mo. -- Just in time for warm weather, Hiland Dairy Foods is releasing Hiland Dairy Iced coffees. The beverages combine coffee with milk and add such rich flavors as mocha, caramel and vanilla.

“As summer nears, our consumers are wanting a refreshing drink,” said Gary Aggus, president/general manager of Hiland Dairy. “ Our iced coffees provide a sweet, crisp, creamy taste that’s sure to satisfy any coffee lover.”

Hiland Dairy is debuting three iced coffee selections, including Hiland Dairy Mocha Iced Coffee that blends coffee and chocolate; Hiland Dairy Caramel Iced Coffee both creamy and sweet; and Hiland Dairy Vanilla Iced Coffee which features a touch of exotic spices. All three Hiland Dairy Iced Coffee varieties will be available in one-­half gallon sizes with a twist-cap pour spout.

As always, Hiland Dairy's products are naturally nutritious with no artificial growth hormones.