whey protein concentrateCyvex Nutrition now offers artisan-crafted whey protein concentrate 80%, as part of the company’s expanding protein ingredient line. “The addition of whey concentrates expands Cyvex Nutrition’s portfolio of quality protein ingredients, which also includes marine- and vegetarian-sourced proteins,” says Constance Ostler, director of sales and marketing. Cyvex’s Wisconsin-manufactured whey protein is the leading source of certified-organic cow, rBGH-free cow and pure goat nutritional supplement-grade whey protein concentrates. The whey is from small specialty and artisan cheese-makers who carefully source their milk from local family-owned dairy farms and is USDA approved for organic production. The delicate processing of the whey includes low-temperature ultra-filtration and gentle drying.

-- Cyvex Nutrition Inc., www.cyvex.com