September 10/Sparks, Md./PRNewswire -- Football season is here, and it is time to recognize those who transform regular tailgates into pre-game feasts packed with unbelievable flavor. In a joint venture with Bert Sperling, a leader in "Best Places" research, McCormick analyzed 31 cities in the U.S. with professional football teams to identify the Top 10 Tastiest Tailgate cities in the country.

"We scored each city based on the Tailgating Food Index, which took into account regional foods and flavors, and the Tailgating Experience Index, which focused on stadium atmosphere and traditions," said Sperling. "Other criteria included team success over the years and tailgating rules and regulations."

10 Tastiest Tailgate Cities
1. Houston, TX 
2. Kansas City, MO 
3. Green Bay, WI 
4. Buffalo, NY 
5. Baltimore, MD
6. Boston, MA
7. Cincinnati, OH
8. New Orleans, LA
9. Philadelphia, PA
10. Charlotte, NC

Houston grabbed the No. 1 spot with high scores in both the Tailgating Food Index and the Tailgating Experience Index. Gargantuan barbecue smokers serving up ribs and brisket and tailgating contests generate an overall vibrant, flavorful and energetic scene.

Coming in at a close second, Kansas City tailgaters pride themselves on their pork ribs, paired with the city's trademark barbecue sauce. At number three, Green Bay, with its die-hard yet familial atmosphere, achieved the highest experience rating yet fell a few points when it came to variety of foods featured. But on game day, few can resist the city's signature brats.