Egg Nog in body

October 29/Portland, Maine -- Oakhurst has added its seasonal Buttered Rum Egg Nog to stores across New England. The classic winter drink boasts a buttery butterscotch flavor combined with cinnamon. The Buttered Rum Egg Nog joins the company’s existing line of seasonal beverages, which includes Chocolate Nog as well as its Egg Nog and Light Egg Nog for the flavor traditionalists. All Oakhurst seasonal beverages are free of high fructose corn syrup, the company notes. The Buttered Rum Egg Nog will only be available in pints and quarts during the holiday season.

The arrival of Oakhurst’s seasonal beverages also marks the beginning of the company’s annual holiday fundraising tradition of donating five cents ($.05) to The Salvation Army for every container of egg nog sold.