February 21/Amersfoort, The Netherlands/Press Release -- Willem Hoogwater has joined FrieslandCampina DMV in Veghel in the beginning of this year as commercial director and member of the management team.

Hoogwater has just spent eight years abroad for the company -- in the U.S., Germany and India. In his last role, he led the organization in India, in cellulose operations. Before that, he was in Germany, setting up a more market-driven way of working for DFE Pharma. He also lived in the U.S for five years, setting up the American pharma organization and helping the company reach customers more directly. (He holds a Masters degree in Pharmacy from the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.)

He notices that the company has changed since he has been away. “A lot has happened in the past years, large investments in our milk refinery enable us to grow with our customers in the increasing demand for healthy proteins.”

Hoogwater is big on sustainability and advocates a change in mindset. “It is not a management program. Our employees are empowered to undertake activities for instance in preparing and supervising investment projects that will reduce our carbon footprint. Their actions are an important contribution to our program,” he states.

“We achieve significant steps with customers on reducing their carbon footprint. This is important, as together we have more impact on the entire production chain toward the end consumer. FrieslandCampina’s from grass to glass approach represents this entire chain and involving customers makes a win-win situation for sustainable consumer products