Bucha with lemon in body

February 28/Torrance, Calif. -- B&R Liquid Adventure LLC, a California healthy beverage provider focused on delivering organic certified sparkling kombucha tea products under the búcha live kombucha brand name, announced its newest flavor launch: búcha yuzu lemon. Based on the aromatic East Asian super fruit, búcha yuzu lemon is a blend of organic lemon and zesty yuzu fruit.

“Lemonade is such a popular beverage, but this búcha blend just takes it over the top,” said Ron Lloyd, B&R’s CEO and a lemonade aficionado. “By pairing the benefits of the in-vogue yuzu super fruit with the delicious and ‘cleansing’ aspects of fermented kombucha tea, it’s something special for springtime rejuvenation and summertime sipping.”

Although all of the búcha flavors are low calorie, this blend takes the brand to an even lower calorie and sweetener content per serving. The carefully fermented, non-alcoholic offering is made from a base of organic teas and live cultures.

Since launching búcha, the company has introduced new flavors cautiously. According to Frank Commanday, búcha Brewmaster, “In a category in which efficacy typically comes first while great refreshing taste is an after-thought, we work hard to ensure our taste profile is bold, delicious and unique -- so we don’t rush the process. Our goal is to find unique new flavor pairings that will be interesting to kombucha loyalists and to those new to the category seeking a drink that will dazzle, without the familiar harsh vinegar backlash. We pair ingredients such as this organic lemon kombucha tea with tangy yuzu flavor to deliver a rare, first-of-its-kind offering which exhibits one of our strengths – exceptional, unexpected flavors. The circle of goodness is completed by great taste enhancing the long-reputed well-being benefits we believe our búcha delivers.”

“The commercial kombucha industry continues to expand quickly via double digit growth each year, despite a 2010 withdrawal hiccup,” said Hannah Crum, industry expert and head of the recently formed Kombucha Brewers International trade association. “Even more exciting, as market leaders make headway into the non-natural sector, including traditional grocery and convenience outlets, and as more and more small brands enter the kombucha space, the entire category is on pace to surpass $500MM in yearly sales by 2015.”

“Our mission is to deliver the liveliest sparking kombucha tea on the market that boasts bold flavors, unrivaled taste and a package presentation that connects with a range of consumers -- both from the natural foods enthusiasts to mainstream shoppers,” said Lloyd. “While staying close to our roots in the natural food space, our total búcha offering has helped us expand across the country into natural, specialty and conventional stores and co-ops such as Whole Foods Markets, PCC, Mother’s Markets, Kroger and Safeway.”