Paradise fruits, fruit snacks, fruitGermany’s Paradise Fruits group of companies unveiled a new look for its fruit ingredients business. Officials say the move will help Paradise Fruits streamline its market identity while it broadens its global footprint and strives to become a global partner of choice for fruit ingredients and snack solutions.

Paradise Fruits, Drochtersen, Germany, formed three distinctive fruit-focused divisions: Freeze-Dried, Solutions and Frozen.  Each falls under the branded umbrella of Paradise Fruits by Jahncke. The company also owns Paradise Garden, another global unit that sources and supplies freeze dried herbs, spices, vegetables, meat, fish and other specialty ingredients.

Paradise Fruits has been owned and managed in Northern Germany’s Hanseatic region of Northern by five generations of the Jahncke family.

“We’ve already built up some market equity for our Freeze-Dried and Solutions divisions, but we are seeking a step-change during 2014,” notes Kurt Jahncke, Paradise Fruits CEO. “To achieve this, we recognize that we need to align our global market identity, working with existing and new partners to tailor specialist solutions which anticipate evolving global market needs.”

Paradise Fruit Solutions and Paradise Fruit Freeze-Dried joined forces at Natural Products Expo West to introduce two new offerings to North American processors.

New from Paradise Fruit Solutions are Fruit Juice Drops, which feature 80% fruit. This high real fruit content contributes a soft bite and juicy freshness, the company says. The drops could be a stand-alone snack but have even broader appeal in bakery goods, trail mixes, muesli bars and confections.

Paradise Fruits Freeze-Dried business offers new Smoothee Bites, which officials describe unique snacking shape concept that can be made from 100% fruit or with combinations of different ingredients such as vegetables, yogurt, milk and coffee.  Officials say the product features a crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Paradise has a U.S. sales arm, Paradise Fruits North America LLC, in Norwood, Mass. Call (781) 769-4900 or visit or for more information.