Danino Greek in body

April 4/Boucherville, Que. -- Greek yogurt, which has been growing in popularity due to its creamy-thick texture and high protein content, is now available in a specially-made formula for kids - Danino Greek.

Offered in three different flavors, with no artificial colors or flavoring, and packaged in colorful 100g cups, new Danino Greek yogurt is a source of calcium and vitamin D. Danino Greek contains twice as much protein per 100g as regular yogurt.

The company notes Danino Greek is the first Greek yogurt of its kind to appear on Canadian supermarket shelves. "Given the importance of protein to a child's growth, our research and development team and nutritionists worked closely together to develop a product that offers all the benefits of yogurt while ensuring the texture, flavours and packaging appeal to children," said Pauline Varga, vice president, Marketing at Danone Canada.

With 8g of protein per 100g serving, Danino Greek represents a new source of protein for kids. By contributing to the recommended daily intake of protein, it aids the growth and repair of body tissues (skin, hair, nails), production of antibodies and development of strong muscles. Danino Greek is sold in all Canadian supermarkets at a suggested retail price of $3.99 for a package of four 100g cups and is offered in three flavors: banana and caramel, grape, and yellow fruits.