Desperado tequila beer in body

Houston -- Tequila beer is making its way across the Atlantic Ocean.

For at least 15 years, Desperados has been a Heineken product in Europe, and it is now making its way to America.

“This tequila-flavored beer seems like it’ll be a big hit for people who don’t usually opt for beer. Now they can feel like they’re drinking a mixed drink without being the drunkest person at the party,” according to

At the moment, Desperados can be found on shelves in Georgia and Florida, but it is expected to make its national debut sometime next year. The beer is aged in tequila barrels for months and is then mixed with more tequila-flavored beer to attain its unique flavor. Elite Daily reports that, despite including traces of tequila, this drink is still considered a malt beverage because it is only 6% alcohol by volume.