T. Marzetti Vinaigrettes

T. Marzetti Company, Columbus, Ohio, now offers 12 new vinaigrettes to transform bland to bold.  Marzetti vinaigrettes—enhanced with fruit, citrus, wine, balsamic and ethnic-based flavors—promote healthful menu options, such as Grilled Peaches with Marzetti Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing or Red Quinoa Salad with Mediterranean Style Marzetti Greek Vinaigrette with Feta Cheese. 

Officials say operators can easily re-invent chicken, fish, seafood and vegetarian entrees by topping them off with Marzetti’s warm, tangy or spicy vinaigrette options.  As a master marinade or a delicate accompaniment to mixed greens, Marzetti vinaigrettes add a delightful zing to any menu.

Marzetti dressings are versatile enough to use as ingredients in appetizers, soups, entrées and even desserts.