Montreal and Toronto/Marketwired -- The American subsidiary Unique Beverages (USA) Inc. has completed its acquisition of Activate Drinks. The acquisition includes certain assets of the Rising Beverage Company (RBC), including the Activate Brand and trademark, as well as selective packaging technologies. 
Jon Silver, founder and CEO, Unique Beverages (USA) Inc., stated, "We saw the value in the cap technology that allows components to be stored separately from liquid, potentially opening up a whole new direction for functional beverages."
Activate became a quick and successfully recognized innovative line of beverage products, which was groundbreaking because the beverage allowed for the vitamins to stay fresh, potent and offer a convenient way to get the daily allowance of nutrients, due to numerous researches showing that vitamin A, B5, B12 and C lose potency when premixed in water. 
"Activate has been well received by Canadian retailers and consumers already with much efforts being focused towards promotional sponsorship, while directly educating the consumer on vitamin potency and the freshness requirements in your beverages," added Josh Silver, VP Marketing and Communications of Unique Beverages (USA) Inc.