For years, food formulators have wanted to mimic natural taste and cream for their products. Agropur’s new FlavoGen is an effective new technology that brings out the best sensory profiles in today’s formulated products with dairy ingredients. Applications include yogurts, beverages, frozen desserts, bakery items, creamers, chocolate milk bases and process cheese.

Agropur’s proprietary three-dimensional FlavoGen was developed with finite milk fractionation. FlavoGen tastants activate transient receptor channels (TRP) that add the “third dimension of taste” beyond tastebuds and olfactory detection. Additionally, FlavoGen tastants provide chemo/mechano natural texturant sensations. Chemo sensations from the tastants modify the physical/mechano sensations provided by the physical nature of the food. This yields a complex mouthfeel while it suppresses astringency and adds creaminess and textural complexity. FlavoGen can counteract the metallic taste associated with artificial sweeteners and it also reduces protein off flavor.

It’s important to remember not to view FlavoGen as an “add-on” component. Rather, as a high-functioning dairy solid, FlavoGen helps partially replace more costly dairy solids in existing formulations. Serving as a quality dairy source, FlavoGen easily can serve as a 15% (or more) replacement for nonfat dry milk in most formulations. FlavoGen can be blended into complete stabilizer systems, egg alternative systems or complete bases to refine ingredient synergies—all to reduce complications in manufacturing.


—Agropur Ingredients,