Aficionados know that exceptional coffee comes from craft roasters using the highest quality beans to achieve a smooth aroma and superior taste. Florida Coast Coffee, using authentic signature methods, is a tropical lifestyle brand that is creating new Florida-inspired flavors in premium whole bean and ground coffees. 


The entrepreneurs behind Florida Coast Coffee are coffee-lovers and practitioners of the Florida lifestyle in every sense— authentic locals, tropic-minded and ocean conservationists. Through their patronage of many coffee houses they realized that most of the coffees on the market were synonymous with Seattle's northern tastes. What they longed for was coffee with the flavors of Florida that they knew and loved. They also knew that there was already a vast market in the millions of people who live in or visit Florida every year for its tropical climate and unending stretches of beautiful beaches. So they set out to introduce fans of the tropics to enticing new flavors like Tiki Bar Rum Cake, Toasty Toasted Coconut, Hammock Breeze Hazelnut, and Coastline Regular Roast. Coffee connoisseurs can experience Florida's relaxed, "Paradise in every cup" lifestyle with every sip.?

Florida Coast Coffee is also kickin' off the holiday quarter with their first seasonal roast, Kick-Back Key Lime. It will be available for a limited time at the same price points as their regular lineup. Other new and exciting flavored roasts are coming. Additionally, Florida Coast Coffee offers two-pound and five-pound bags of all their roasts. These bags are perfect for coffee-drinking households or small restaurants looking to add a touch of paradise to their menu.