Americans struggle to meet the requirement of eating at least 5 servings per day of produce. Now, consumers can have their cake and eat it, too, thanks to a new bakery product called A Better Cake. 


Owner, Dean Shull is quoted as saying “when looking for a healthy snack I found a real void in the market place which is why we created these cakes”.

The 3-ounce snack cakes are egg free, dairy free, and contain fruits and vegetables. There are three flavors with no preservatives:

• Chocolate Chocolate Chip snack cake blends applesauce and flax seed into our recipe to add fiber, vitamin C and digestive health benefits to this decadent cake.

• Pumpkin Chocolate Chip snack cake combines pumpkin and flax seed packing powerful health perks including fiber, antioxidants and digestive health all wrapped up in a tasty spice cake.

• Blueberry snack cake mixes this super fruit with flax seed to create a satisfying treat that offers fiber, antioxidants and digestive health into a scrumptious treat.

The cakes are available online at The suggested retail value is $2.00 per cake and can be purchased in 24 packs.