International Dehydrated Foods, chicken protein powderInternational Dehydrated Foods, Inc. (IDF), a global leader in poultry ingredients, has updated its brand identity to align with its wellness-focused ingredient offerings, including its growing line of Concentrated Protein Chicken Powders.

“Throughout IDF’s 32-year history, we’ve consistently made breakthroughs in the poultry ingredient segment, from shelf-stable, high-solids broth to our more recent concentrated protein chicken powder innovations,” says IDF Marketing Communications Manager Erin Danastasio. “In the past few years, we’ve invested in expanding our top-notch R&D team and focusing our resources on making the goodness of chicken more accessible through the convenience of ingredients like our ARC™ Concentrated Protein Chicken Powders. With these changes, we knew it was time to update our logo and reflect our continued commitment to high-quality chicken ingredients.”

Established as a manufacturer of high-quality chicken broth, fat, and meat powder ingredients, in recent years, IDF has made a splash in the health and wellness segment with its ARC™ 70 Concentrated Protein Chicken Powder ingredient. The poultry leader has plans to expand its ARC™ line in 2015 to include Concentrated Protein Chicken Powders with 85% and 90% protein (ARC™ 85 and ARC™ 90, respectively).

“We’re proud of our rich heritage and expertise in flavorful broths, fats, and meat powders and wanted to show the connection between our expansive history and our more recent innovations while maintaining a closeness with our original identity that would still be recognizable to our customers around the globe,” says Danastasio.

IDF evolved its image with new corporate colors and an updated logo design to highlight its history of gold-standard processes, emphasize its natural ingredients, and showcase its new, innovative offerings.

“At the core, IDF is the same company it’s always been. We care about our customers and are dedicated to consistently delivering the very best ingredients,” Danastasio says. “What’s shifted is our ingredient focus. We’ve always been well-known for quality chicken broth products, but we’ve grown our ingredient offerings to support a wider variety of applications, like sports nutrition and snacks. It was important to update our identity to reflect our company’s continued progress.”

– International Dehydrated Foods, Inc.,