Penford Food Ingredients used SupplySide West to launch GumPlete® systems, a synergistic blend of starches and gums that can improve texture and allow for a clean flavor release more effectively than using an individual gum or starch independently. 

“Typically, starch and gums are sold by separate, competing suppliers, which can result in over-stabilization or inefficient combinations,” says John Randall, Penford president. “When Penford Food Ingredients acquired Gum Technology in April [2014], it empowered the two companies to develop cohesive specialty starch and gum solutions.”

Recommended Applications:

• Baked goods
• Dressings
• Dips
• Soups and sauces
• Egg replacements
• Beverages

Functional Benefits:

• Improve and provide texture
• Mimic gluten functionality
• Increase viscosity
• Reduce syneresis
• Enhance freeze and thaw stability
• Replace eggs
• Prevent oil and water separation
• Clean favor release
• Decrease in overall stabilizer usage levels

GumPlete allows for healthy formulations by reducing fat and replacing eggs. It is non-GMO, Kosher and gluten free.

“Manufacturers and consumers want reduced fat and allergen-free technologies from everything from bakery to beverages,” Randall notes. “The addition of GumPlete allows us to offer healthy, gluten- and egg-free alternatives across multiple categories.”

Other health and wellness technologies from Penford Food Ingredients include PenNovo® FR and PenGel®, solid fat replacers; PenFibe®, sugar, flour and other high-calorie ingredients replacer; PenPure® 30 and 37, liquid fat replacers; and PenNovo® 03, an egg yolk replacement technology.—Penford Food Ingredients,