This fall, Wyman’s of Maine will release new products to supermarkets nationwide including fresh frozen dark sweet and red tart cherries, Nantucket cranberries and a strawberry, blueberry, cherry and kale blend. 


“These new products add innovation and breadth to our current portfolio of products while building upon our core values of sustainability, premium quality, healthy eating and delicious taste,” said Tom Gardner, Vice President of sales and marketing at Wyman’s of Maine.

The new, premium “super blend” of strawberries, blueberries, cherries and kale is the first of its kind on the market, and provides a diverse mix of healthy ingredients and incredible convenience, providing for a veritable "smoothie in a bag" for families and smoothie lovers who are looking for nutrition on the go. Consumers have sought out new healthy blends combining fruits and vegetables, and Wyman’s answered their call with this brightly colored mix. The product is available in convenient resealable 3 lb. bags.

Wyman’s of Maine will also introduce a 3 lb. bag of fresh frozen, dark sweet and red tart cherries providing the health benefits of both varieties. The final product to be introduced this fall is a 12 oz. bag of Nantucket Cranberries, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Their cranberries are harvested from the historic Milestone Bog, the oldest and largest cranberry bog on Nantucket and part of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation.

Wyman’s full line of premium fresh frozen fruit products are available nationally in leading retailers such as Sprouts, Wal-Mart, Stop & Shop, Safeway, Hannaford, Food Lion and many others throughout the country.