The shelf-stable Kohana Cold Brew Coffees are inspired by the breezy spirit of the islands and the company’s commitment to the highest quality natural ingredients. Available in four flavors, the beverages are crafted with the Kohana’s own USDA organic and Kosher-certified craft-roasted beans, which are cold-brewed, then blended with the very best ingredients. Ranging from 20 to 100 calories per 8-ounce can, each low-calorie treat is lightly sweetened with monk fruit, the natural, anti-oxidant rich low-calorie sweetener that is making waves in the food and beverage industry. 


“We have been roasting coffee beans and making cold brew concentrate for years, and see a tremendous opportunity to apply our expertise to the ready-to-drink category,” said Victoria Lynden, Kohana Coffee Founder & CEO. “We believe consumers can have convenience and quality in one refreshing beverage. Using the best ingredients available, we’ve created flavors that combine with beautiful packaging to transport anyone to the islands, even if just for a moment. Our cold brew process yields a beverage with 70% less acid than a typical coffee drink.

These are healthy, deliciously low calorie treats that will shift the market away from the artificial energy drinks that crowd the shelf today.”

The convenient grab-and-go beverages are available immediately for an SRP of $2.79-$2.99 per can at specialty and natural retailers across the country and online at The four flavors include:

Black: A blend of carefully sourced, expertly roasted coffee beans brewed using Kohana’s unique cold-brew process, and lightly sweetened with monk fruit extract

White: An elegant combination of Kohana’s cold brew and reduced-fat organic milk with just a touch of monk fruit sweetener

Salted Caramel: Kohana’s medium-bodied cold brew with a hint of rich salted caramel and reduced-fat organic milk

Vanilla: The perfect cool-down pick-me-up blend of cold brew mingled with reduced-fat organic milk and a splash of vanilla.