While many people pledge to eat healthier in the New Year, it is often difficult to stick to those resolutions when cravings for something decadent emerge. Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bars were created to be a permissible daily indulgence to satisfy cravings in a healthful way, offering benefits such as protein and fiber to help stave off hunger, all for 170 calories or less. 


Currently available in Chocolate Peanut Butter with Sea Salt, Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Pretzel, Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bars are introducing two new flavors to the line-up in 2015: Dark Chocolate Almond with Coconut and the first non-chocolate based flavor, Lemon Swirl. In addition, the brand is adding a new higher protein bar to the lineup with Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Protein Bar: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough that has 10 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber for only 120 calories.

“At Skinnygirl, we believe in treating yourself healthy, which means making sure our bars taste great and are good for you. As part of this philosophy, we are always actively tracking the most popular flavors in the category,” said Jessica Lau, brand manager at Skinnygirl Daily. “Coconut is on-trend, and combining it with just the right amount of chocolate makes this bar a flavor standout and a smart snack swap for a chocolate bar or cookie.”

“Lemon is also ranked as a top flavor because it’s a fresh, light, feel-good flavor everyone loves,” added Jessica. “The Lemon Swirl Tasty Nutrition Bar is a better-for-you choice over eating a lemon bar or slice of lemon cream pie.”

The Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Protein Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor was added as a line extension for those looking for even more protein with fewer calories in a snack.