Consumers making healthy smoothies and smoothie bowls at home have a new option from Inventure Foods, Inc., as the company advances its licensed Jamba® "At Home" line of ready-to-blend smoothie kits. Two new nutrient-rich varieties arrive in grocery, club and mass merchandise stores nationwide this month.

New varieties includes Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up and Berry Awesome Acai, which feature a blend of premium berries, fat-free Greek yogurt and ancient grains, including oat bran, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet and chia seeds. The unique recipes are functional, offering healthy, on-the-go consumers a meal replacement snack that can be prepared in 90 seconds or less.

Each package provides two, eight-ounce servings when prepared as directed. Suggested retail price ranges from $3.99 - $4.99 per bag.

"Plenty of research exists today that suggests a direct benefit to increased protein intake and its impact on health, and consumers clearly have interest as evidenced by the number of new protein-enhanced snacks on the market," said Dan Hammer, senior vice president and general manager of frozen division at Inventure Foods, Inc. "However, we found that while some snacks delivered on nutrient levels, many fell well short on taste. Our Jamba Protein Smoothies offer a rare combination of taste, nutritional value and convenience at once, and we're confident that healthy eaters will appreciate our effort to ensure that they don't have to sacrifice taste to get great nutrition in a frozen smoothie."

Pomegranate features a blend of blueberries, strawberries and pomegranate flavored non-fat Greek yogurt cubes. Acai Berry offers a blend of blueberries, dark sweet cherries and acai flavored non-fat Greek yogurt cubes.

Each eight-ounce package contains frozen fruit and yogurt cubes that, when blended with one cup of apple juice, make two, eight-ounce servings. The gluten-free smoothies contain only 110 calories per serving and provide a full-serving of vitamin C.

In the eight years since its licensed partnership with Jamba Juice first began, Inventure Foods has introduced a number of legendary Jamba recipes as ready-to-blend smoothie kits found in the frozen fruit aisle of the store. The list includes best-selling varieties such as Strawberries Wild, Razzmatazz, Caribbean Passion, Orange Dream Machine and Mango-a-go-go.