For the first time in nearly a decade, Post Foods, LLC is bringing Strawberry Honeycomb cereal back to the breakfast table. First introduced in 1983, Limited Edition Strawberry Honeycomb became an instant hit with cereal lovers nationwide. The cereal is packed with sweet strawberry flavor and is sure to brighten up any breakfast. 


“Honeycomb’s one–of–a–kind playful shape has made the cereal an instantly recognizable breakfast classic. We’re excited to bring Strawberry Honeycomb back to the market — not only will it be a blast from the past for our current Honeycomb fans, but it will help introduce the brand to a whole new generation of cereal lovers,” said Sue Fruzzetti-Reich, Senior Brand Manager at Post Foods, LLC.

“Honeycomb encourages fans to push their creative limits, while staying true to themselves. Similarly, this new variety stays true to the classic fun of Honeycomb cereal, but with a creative flavor twist.” New Strawberry Honeycomb combines corn and oat hexagonal shapes coated with a burst of strawberry sweetness. In addition to great flavor, the cereal contains 8g of whole grain per serving, 10 essential vitamins and minerals, and is an excellent source of iron and vitamin D.