Ian’s launched Sriracha Fire Sticks. the fry-shaped chicken sticks are suitable for dipping or for consuming as a spicy snack. 


“Sriracha has received a lot of food accolades, including being named Bon Appetit’s Ingredient of the year in 2010,” said Chuck Marble, CEO of Elevation Brands, Ian’s parent company. “Our consumers are familiar with its flavor profile, so they crave and ask for it. We are excited to be able to provide this popular zesty flavor in our allergy-friendly line of products.”

Made with flavorful gluten-free, whole grain breading and antibiotic- and cage-free white chicken meat, the new Sriracha Fire Sticks follow Ian’s mission to provide options that everyone can enjoy without worry about harmful allergens.

“We consistently strive to use only the best, natural ingredients in all of our products. The introduction of our new allergy-friendly, gluten-free Sriracha Fire Sticks boast our promise to provide individuals and families with innovative and healthy foods,” Marble also said.

To be consistent with the Ian’s line of allergy-friendly foods, the Sriracha Fire Sticks are made with NO wheat, NO milk, NO casein, NO eggs, NO peanuts, NO tree nuts and NO soy. Ian’s facilities are also USDA and third-party approved, so cross-contamination is never an issue.