SexyPop225.jpgThe next generation of SexyPop refined package designs and new snack flavors. "Espionage Snacks," Captain Honeypot and Admiral Hornblower, are the newest products available from the company.

At the helm of these snack innovations is Robert Ehrlich, who has rocked the snack world as the Shaman of Snacks for the past 29 years, creating some of the most iconic snacks on the planet. He, along with his so-called 'Raiders of Subversive Seasoning', have created the brilliant and courageous Captain Honeypot and Admiral Hornblower as a tribute to the brave geniuses who dare to poke fun on film, in print, or on social media at tyrannical dictators everywhere.

Both varieties are fashioned from corn and rice and have a unique crunch in the center, made with the latest snack technology. Captain Honeypot, a sweet and spicy combination, is crafted from Vermont honey and aged kimchi, while Admiral Hornblower packs a punch of gotu kola for mental sharpness. For those who prefer the crunch of popcorn with a dose of heat, SexyPop introduces a Pineapple Habañero variety, with sweetness that sizzles. As with all other SexyPop products, Captain Honeypot, Admiral Hornblower, and Pineapple Habañero are certified gluten free, Non-GMO, and certified Kosher. Ehrlich is the master of meal replacement snacks and has also created a new six-pack for the popular Black Pepper and Nantucket Salted so you can take your popcorn on the go.