ANutrition Business Journal reporttitled "Consumer Research in the Nutrition Industry II," concludes consumers are ill-informed about nutritional science, brands and regulations, making them easy prey for misconceptions and misinformation.

The report, a compilation of 30 consumer surveys, found 70% of American adults can be characterized as supplement users, while 4.3% of adults—or 9.6 million Americans—can be called heavy users. Heavy users average five purchases a month (about $43), while regular users, 32%, make between one and two purchases a month (about $11). Occasional users make purchases about every other month, while rare users buy once every five months.

Other interesting data generated from the report includes facts such as 36% of adults account for 82% of supplement sales. In vitamins, 14% account for 70% of sales while, in herbals, 15% account for 82% of sales. In liquid meal replacements, 2% account for 70%, while in sports, less than 1% of the population accounts for 85% of sales.

There is a significant part of the population that is still left out of the equation. The journal estimated about 45% of Americans do not take vitamins, 70% do not take herbal supplements, 75% do not take minerals, 85% do not take specialty supplements and 95% do not take sports supplements. Marketers, take note!

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