A new heart health product, which provides superior protection against generation of cardiovascular disorders (CVD), is now available. “ArteriCare addresses those who [are] at high risk of CVD, who up until recently could only benefit from partial solutions or were required to purchase a variety of different supplements,� says Dr. Katz, Enzymotec's CEO. Recent clinical trial findings have shown that ArteriCare reduces total blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also acts as an antioxidant and reduces blood serum oxidation levels, and it inhibits the arterial plaque formation cascade. ArteriCare is a recent development rooting from the MultOil platform, which is based on a variety of modified natural oils or fats (soy, olive, milk fat, canola, etc.) and contains a uniquely active composition of phytosterol-esters and DAG. Enzymotec LTD, Sharon Maraton, 972-4-6545112, sharon@enzymotec.com