June 11/New Orleans/Press Release -- Archer Daniels Midland Company is introducing several new food ingredients and feature a wide range of its high-quality ingredients at the 2011 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Food Expo in New Orleans. New ingredients include CLARISOY 100 isolated soy protein, which the company describes as the world’s first vegetable-based protein that provides protein fortification in transparent and refreshing low pH beverage systems, and indulgent deZaan Belgian chocolate.

 The ADM booth includes an orange mango protein cooler made with CLARISOY 100, described as the world’s first vegetable-based protein that offers clarity and complete protein nutrition for low pH beverage systems. In applications with a pH below 4.0, CLARISOY 100 is 100% soluble. The orange mango cooler contains 6g of protein, 0g of fat and is 50% real juice. 

This year, ADM’s premier cocoa and chocolate brand, deZaan, celebrated 100 successful years of providing cocoa and chocolate solutions to its customers in the food and beverage industry. To commemorate this special occasion, ADM is featuring chocolate truffles made with pure deZaan Belgian chocolate.

 In addition to the orange mango protein cooler and Belgian chocolate truffles, ADM is offering four other samples at IFT:

 A Baked Chocolate Raspberry Nutrition Bar made with a combination of ADM ingredients, including CardioAid plant sterols, NovaSoy soy isoflavones, Kansas Diamond white whole-wheat flour, Prolite wheat gluten, cocoa and oils.

A Multi-grain Cajun Pot Pie including a number of ADM ingredients, including our Kansas Diamond white whole-wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sorghum flour, Prolite wheat gluten, VegeFull edible bean powder, soy protein concentrates and xanthan gum.

 Whole-wheat Beignet is made with Kansas Diamond white whole-wheat flour, ADM’s vegetable shortening, frying oil and Sweet N’ Neat Fibercal.

 In a Gluten-free Crisp with Hummus, ADM’s sorghum flour, vegetable shortening and Ultralec lecithin are used to create this gluten-free crisp.


From the June 13, 2011,Prepared Foods' Daily News.