September 2011/NutraSolutions-- Chromax®, from Ingredia Nutritional, is said to be the first and only chromium picolinate approved for the high-quality standards required in Europe. While consumers are becoming more concerned about the safety of drug-based treatments for weight management, Chromax provides both strongly documented safety and clinically proven efficacy. Chromax is a patented salt of trivalent chromium (Cr3+) and tri-picolinic acid, also known as chromium picolinate. Chromium increases the sensitivity to insulin, thus regulating blood sugar levels and limiting sugar storage in the body. The picolinate form of chromium provides the highest chromium bioavailability. Chromax’s purity is assessed by quality-control procedures, says the company. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) actually worked with Ingredia Nutritional to establish higher standards for the approval of chromium compounds. Ingredia Nutritional,www.ingredia-nutritional.comNS