Ganeden Biotech says muffin processor Uncle Wally’s selected probiotic GanedenBC30 for the company’s new Smart Portion Muffin Tops. “GanedenBC30 provides a digestive and immune health advantage that other muffins lack,” says Jerry Ceccio, Uncle Wally’s vice president of sales and marketing. Uncle Wally’s says frozen, all-natural Smart Portion Muffin Tops are baked with flax seeds; provide omega-3s; and contribute calcium, vitamin D and fiber. Smart Portion Muffin Tops come in Cranberry Apple, Rich Double Chocolate and Wild Blueberry varieties. “We’re happy to be able to help make people’s food choices healthier by adding probiotic GanedenBC30,” said Mike Bush, Ganeden’s vice president of business development. “The unique makeup of GanedenBC30 protects the probiotic during the extreme temperature changes that occur in some manufacturing processes, such as baking and freezing. It’s a strength that’s simply unmatched in regards to probiotics.” – Ganeden Biotech,