Nexira says its new Fibregum Crystal is an ideal natural solution to replace other dietary fibers that create gas, bloating and other discomfort. Fibregum is an all-natural and GMO-free source of soluble dietary fiber with a guaranteed minimum of 90% on a dry-weight basis (AOAC 985.29). It is ultra-clear and transparent, tasteless and odorless, and delivers lower turbidity than any other source of natural soluble fiber, officials say. Clinical studies demonstrate the numerous health benefits of Fibregum and its prebiotic properties at 6, 10 and 15g/day. The unique, progressive fermentation of Fibregum by beneficial intestinal microflora improves digestive health with no negative side effects, says the company. Health Canada has recognized the Fibregum brand of acacia gum as a dietary fiber source in Canada and has approved the classification of Fibregum as “traditional dietary fiber” and not a “novel fiber.”
 – Nexira,