Valensa International recently announced GRAS certification of its Parry Organic Spirulina ingredient. It’s the only organic spirulina in the world to achieve FDA GRAS status—a designation that broadens the range of food applications. The notice submitted to the FDA covered the use of the ingredient in beverages and beverage bases; breakfast cereals; fresh fruits and fruit juices; frozen dairy dessert and mixes; grain products and pastas; milk products; plant-protein products; processed fruits and fruit juices; processed vegetables and vegetable juices; snack foods; soft candy; and soups and soup mixes at a level of 0.5-3 g spirulina per serving. Valensa also announced completion of a two-year program to enhance the flavor of Parry Organic Spirulina for the general consumer has been completed. The ingredient now has a flavor profile similar to milder, non-organic forms of spirulina, which should broaden its consumer appeal. Valensa and Parry Nutraceuticals worked with research and consulting firm AIBMR Life Sciences Inc. to facilitate. Parry Organic Spirulina was recertified under the United States Pharmacopoeia Dietary Ingredient Verification Program (USP D-IVP) in May of this year as per the new Spirulina monograph. The product also meets California Prop 65 guidelines for metal content, allowing intake of more than 5 g spirulina per day—a big plus for a green food product. Parry Nutraceuticals developed new approaches to processing of the organic spirulina raw material that help it match the flavor profile of non-organic commercial spirulina products, without affecting its nutrient profile. This makes it the most nutrient-dense spirulina ingredient on the market, and the mildest-tasting form of organic spirulina currently available. It’s processed to deliver the highest levels of phytopigments, such as purephycocyanin,chlorophyll-a,beta-caroteneand other carotenoids. The company also has upgraded its packaging to ensure freshness and protection of the phytonutrients during transportation and storage.—Valensa International