The Lovely Candy Company will debut a first gluten free licorice made in the United States at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in May.

Seeking to fill a hole in the market, Lovely Candy Company has eliminated the gluten found in most licorice while maintaining the taste and texture of premium quality licorice. Available in original, cherry and strawberry, the product comes in 6 ounce bags featuring bite sized candies that combine natural flavors and ingredients with true licorice extract for a burst of flavor. Suggested Retail Price: $4.99. 


Other gluten-free options in the Lovely Candy Company collection include buttery Sea Salt Caramels, rich fudge-flavored Fudgee Rolls, as well as Fruit Chews and Superfruit Chews that contain real fruit bits in apple, cherry, blackberry, cranberry, raspberry and blueberry choices.

All Lovely candies are certified gluten-free, HFCS free, soy free, wheat free, kosher, organic and non-GMO.