As a leading provider of market research reports and solutions, is pleased to highlight the newest report by Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), finding that organic foods account for almost 5% of all U.S. food sales. 

In this latest report, NMI breaks down organic shoppers by differing levels of usage and commitment. Millennials are growing more than any other generational group as organic consumers. This means, targeted marketing and education is key for companies to take advantage of their growing interest.

Also, 38% of organic consumers are new within the past year, meaning they have only recently begun focusing on purchases of organic products. These consumers need education on the benefits and regulations of organic products.

Once of the biggest confusions for shoppers is identifying the difference between natural and organic products. Out of those surveyed, half believed that the term "natural" means no pesticides are used in the growth of a product – which is neither true nor regulated. Only the term "certified organic" can claim no synthetic or toxic pesticides are used.

Methodology for this report, includes:

• NMI Database analysis for general population and Organic Segment insights – over 7,000 interviews.

• Nielsen HomeScan organic segment insight – analysis of purchases among 50,000+ households.

• Consumer ethnographies with peer groups – 4 cities, 30+ hours of interviews.

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