Califia225.pngCalifia Farms unveiled its new Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee. Concentrated Cold Brew (CCB) is the centerpiece of Califia’s home café concept, Califia Café, which democratizes the next wave of the coffee-taste evolution by giving coffee drinkers all the ingredients they need to become their own baristas.

Califia Farms CCB has 60 percent less acidity than hot brewed coffee and is designed to deliver a smooth experience mixing with Califia Farms Almondmilks and Coffee Creamers and the easy-to-steam Barista Blend. Califia Farms CCB makes it easy for coffee lovers to create healthful, delicious plant-powered cups at home, free of dairy, soy, saturated fats, oils, GMOs and gluten. It comes in a recyclable 32-ounce Tetra Package and will roll out in Whole Foods and Safeway stores nationwide this month.

“Today’s coffee lovers, especially the coveted Millennial demographic, are sophisticated: they like to customize their daily cups, depending on their mood – hot or cold, sweet or strong, flavored or not, rich or subtle. And, increasingly, they want those cups to be easy, healthy and dairy-free,” said Greg Steltenpohl, Califia Farms’ CEO. “Adding Concentrated Cold Brew to our line up means we are able to deliver all this and more right on the retail shelf – a delicious customizable coffee experience that can be had at home and that meets the increasing demand for personalized, premium, and healthful coffee drinks.”

Massive adoption by Millennials and Post-Millennials is driving huge growth in the coffee category, especially for less-processed cold brews: sixty-seven percent opt for coffee over energy drinks when looking for an energy boost, with 43 percent drinking cold brew coffee drinks, personalized to their taste.

And part of this adoption includes cold brew coffee, which has been growing in popularity as coffee enthusiasts recognize its unique appeal. Unlike traditional hot brewed coffee, cold brewing keeps acids to a minimum and flavor and caffeine to a maximum. Coarse, ground coffee beans are soaked in filtered water for twelve hours or more and the resulting concentrate can be diluted to create either hot or cold drinks or poured over ice cream and used in desserts. Califia Farms uses a special blend of Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from Vietnam and Mexico to make its Concentrated Cold Brew.