Sabra Dipping Company announced a new addition to its Greek Yogurt Dip product portfolio, introducing Sabra FARMER’S RANCH™ Greek Yogurt Dip. Made with farm market-fresh vegetables and Greek yogurt, Sabra’s new Ranch dip offers a new choice for dipping chips or veggies, adding to salads, and utilizing in recipes.

“Our Greek Yogurt Dips blend the delicious taste of small batch Greek yogurt with healthier ingredients, like our farm market-fresh chopped vegetables,” said Joe Franzino, Senior Brand Manager for Sabra Greek Yogurt Dips. “Besides sour cream and yogurt dip, Ranch dips account for 30% of the white dips segment, and it’s the #2 salad dressing flavor with $820MM in retail sales annually. Sabra is excited to offer this American favorite flavor in a healthier for you Greek Yogurt dip from a brand consumers have grown to trust for delicious, fresh flavored dips and spreads.”

In a blind taste test, consumers love the brand’s new dip, citing both Sabra’s taste and chopped veggies as superior to other ranch dips. Sabra is the only ranch dip made with chopped farm market-fresh vegetables like carrots, celery and cucumbers, not dehydrated or powdered vegetables like other brands, and no artificial colors or flavors.

Consumers can look forward to adding Sabra’s FARMER’S RANCH™ Greek Yogurt Dip to their dipping repertoire by visiting the deli section of national retailers this August. A 10-ounce tub has an MSRP of $3.99.