In honor of its 60th anniversary, Barber Foods introduced a fresh look and new recipe that honors its loyal customers while paying homage to its rich heritage.

The premium frozen stuffed chicken entrees that have been a family mealtime favorite for generations will now delight customers with a more flavorful chicken breast, a home-style flour breading and an even better filling bursting with flavorful ingredients. The brand's new look is inspired by Barber Foods' hometown of Portland, Maine, where the company still proudly manufactures its products today.

"When thinking about what would make our 60th anniversary really special, we challenged ourselves: 'How can we make the best even better?'" said David Barber, son of Barber Foods founder Gus Barber. "We wanted our consumers to be part of this important change, so we went to work alongside them for eight months to ensure that the new recipe exceeded their expectations. And we've succeeded. By their vote, this product is not only a little bit better — it's a lot better. We think we've created something truly special that will appeal to all generations for years to come. I know my father would be proud."

Barber Foods, originally called Barber Beef and Poultry, was founded on the cornerstone of innovation. Started in 1955 as a corner meat shop in Portland, Maine, in 1955 by the son of hardworking American immigrants, it quickly grew to become the manufacturer of America's #1 brand of frozen stuffed chicken breasts. It was Gus Barber's ingenuity that led to the creation of the first-ever frozen stuffed chicken breast in 1970 and ultimately shaped the Barber legacy that customers celebrate today. In 2011, AdvancePierre™ Foods acquired the brand and continues to uphold the Barber Foods commitment to quality products, a diverse workforce and a deep respect for customers.