Rosso Caffe announced the introduction of five new coffee blends; Toffee caramel, Creme Brulee, Vaniglia, Macho and Decaffinato. These new blends are based upon Arabica & Robusta beans from a number of plantations worldwide. They are now offering various flavors of coffee based on natural Toffee caramel, Vanilla and Brulee Creme, alongside their strongest blend to date, Macho, and, with much popular demand, are now also introducing a Decaf blend. These five new blends add to the six blends in Rosso's Nespresso-compatible coffee capsule line, which has proven successful with sale numbers on the rise and a growing customer base.

Rosso Caffe is still a young player in the Nespresso compatible market, but sales and customer feedback seem to be promising. The decision to introduce the new blends was made after Rosso Caffe founder Aviran Shelly felt the company was ready to progress to the next stage, with sales steadily on the rise and positive customer feedback. This second stage of blends offered by Rosso has almost doubled their coffee capsule variety, introducing three new interesting coffee flavors, together with the dark roasted robust Macho blend, and an Arabic coffee bean blend of decaf coffee.

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