More than 130 million people across the United States deal with multiple food allergies. When it comes to snacking, options are limited. Freedom Foods, the world-class Australian based allergen-free foods company, introduced a variety of allergen-free new oat bars to its cereal brand. Due to roll out in the United States this August, the oat bars are free from gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, egg, soy and sesame.

In addition to the allergen-free formula, the new bars also have a natural grain-based prebiotic to help with improved digestive health. Prebiotics feed the natural good flora in your digestive system to balance and improve digestion.

With food allergies on the rise, the gluten and allergen free-from food market is exploding. In 2012, the gluten free foods market was valued at $1.77 billion, and by 2014 it went up to and $2.39 billion. New estimates project that by 2030 the market will reach over $12 billion. Driven by the continued growth in the “need-based” consumer, plus the dramatic increase in “choice-based” consumers, Freedom Foods is broadening their product formats to now include bars.

The new allergen-free oat bars that are nutritious with high dietary fiber, and lower sugar and sodium content. Possessing natural colors, flavors and whole grains, there are no GMO ingredients and every batch, made in an allergen-free facility, is tested.

Freedom Foods launched the oat bars with a variety of three different flavors: Oats & Seeds, Apple Chia Crunchola and Apricot Chia Crunchola that can be purchased at six bars per pack.