Bebida Beverage Company, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of relaxation and energy products, announced that the company and its partially owned subsidiary, Relaxations Solutions Inc., are going into their first production of Cheech and Chong Chillaxation drink®. The upcoming product is named and licensed after movie icons Cheech and Chong.

BeBevCo's industry experience, with its growing KOMA Unwind Liquid Relaxation® products success, is a benchmark for the company's latest endeavor.

"We were so excited to bring the Cheech and Chong Chillaxation drink® brand into our product family last year," said BeBevCo CEO Brian Weber. "Several factors created unforeseen delays; however, it's happening now. We will be having an invitation only social to celebrate the launch of this great product."

In the coming weeks, BeBevCo will announce a hard production date from their Pepsi bottling partner. Additionally, the Statesville, North Carolina-based company will disclose actual availability to consumers.

"The drink itself will use natural supplements, natural flavors and sweeteners, as well as a dose of Hemp," added Weber. "This is an exciting product launch for us. It will add a significant amount of revenue to our bottom line, as well as help continue forward momentum for the relaxation drink category as a whole."