In an effort to match the bold flavor and taste appeal of its chickpea snacks, Biena announced a redesign of its protein-packed snack pouches at the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. The new look also translates to the company’s new website (

“Our new look matches the full-flavored nature of our snacks and brand personality. We’re colorful, flavorful and full of energy,” said Poorvi Patodia, Biena’s CEO and founder. “As the better-for-you snack world expands and people get more adventurous with their tastes, we want our flavorful snacks to stand out on the shelf.”

The new packaging showcases larger transparent windows to see the chickpeas inside. The pouches illustrate notable cues that speak to each flavor, like honeycombs for the Honey Roasted variety or a skewer for Barbeque.

The new website look employs the same bright colors and personality, as well as showcase more content on a revamped blog from Patodia, industry influencers and health experts. The goal is to engage readers with additional snack ideas, recipe creations and education around chickpeas in general.