Schär revamped its original line of breads and introduced a new style of Artisan baker breads. This new line will replace the original Classic White and Multigrain loaves that are currently available in stores.

These new Artisan Style Loaves are 100% gluten-free, hand-crafted and baked with ancient grains. Crafted by European bakers, ingredients include agave syrup, buckwheat, sunflower seeds and ancient grains, creating breads. Products will be available at the bread aisle instead of the freezer for the best convenience.

The ancient grain trend is on the rise, with dishes popping up on dinner tables and restaurants. By using ancient grains, Schär has achieved superior flavor and nutrition, a distinct European flair and unequivocal safety for the celiac and gluten sensitive communities. But these new Artisan Style Loaves won’t just be for those who live a gluten-free lifestyle.

“This new line of Artisan baker style loaves is great for anyone—not just those with celiac. These breads are so delicious that those who do not follow a gluten free diet will also enjoy them,” says Hannes Berger, President and COO of Dr. Schär USA, Inc.