Marshfield Food Safety has enough confidence in its data quality and timeliness that it is now backing up claims to be accurate, reliable and on-time. No charge guarantee is offered for results that are reported late, or that are found to be incorrect.

According to Joseph Ruggieri, the Director of Business Development at Marshfield Food Safety, “This may be the most significant upgrade that the food testing industry has ever seen.” Joseph explains, “With so much effort placed on quality at Marshfield Food Safety, there is consistency in the results. Gaining accreditation to ISO 17025 is merely the foundation for our quality assurance program. Our work goes beyond the minimum requirements, with added quality controls and scheduling the proper time for scientists to complete the work. Work is done right and it is completed on time. The food industry and consumers benefit from this.”

Joseph describes further that use of commercial proficiency testing demonstrates that test results are accurate. All routine tests have been subjected to validation and verification that the assay is fit for purpose. Additional work is also completed with collaborating labs for inter-lab studies. These results further prove the accuracy of test assays by comparison to other scientists who have also validated their methods.

At Marshfield Food Safety, shortfalls are improved so that testing methods are rugged and reliable. Quality Control samples are included with every batch to identify when there are problems. Another benefit to customers is reduced variability in results from one day to the next. Transparency to our process is critical for customers to succeed. Proficiency data is available to our customers as is the day to day quality control information.

Completing all food testing work on time or ahead of schedule is a paramount objective for Marshfield Food Safety. This is backed up with a full guarantee. If your results are not completed on-time, or sooner, then you do not pay.

— Marshfield Food Safety,