Savoury Systems’ #1936 FlavourMax is a great flavor enhancer and a “go-to” product for sodium reduction.

This yeast extract has a balanced combination of nucleotides and natural glutamic acid. With a usage level of 0.2-0.4% of the finished item, it fits right into Savoury Systems’ core strength of making food taste better. It also fits all the trending claims, including clean label, vegan, kosher and GMO Free.

Savoury Systems is a leader in the savory flavors industry. Founded in 1997 by Dave Adams, Savoury Systems is led by a team with more than 100 years of collective experience. We specialize in yeast extracts and organic compliant products, and can formulate custom blends in our in-house flavor laboratory to meet your unique needs.

Savoury Systems’ broad product line includes HVPs, Yeast-Based Flavors, Yeast Extracts and Enhancers, Savorganic Organic Extracts and Flavors and Savoursalt Salt Replacers. The company also offers specialty dedicated lines for meat, seafood and culinary/ethnic (Chef Select) applications.