Naturex will use its FI Europe exhibit, Booth #6129, to showcase several on-trend ingredients in foods and beverages.

Classic herbal teas may be no secret to you, but have you ever heard about relaxation drinks? While the energy drinks category is very dynamic, few beverages help people relax when they are stressed. A relaxation drink is a non-alcoholic beverage containing naturally calming ingredients that help reduce nervousness and anxiety.

Naturex will sample PAIISE, carbonated craft soda (pictured) that combines botanicals and other natural ingredients to help both mind and body relax. Because it does not induce sleep or drowsiness, this relaxing craft soda can be consumed throughout the day. PAIISE is designed for overworked, stressed-out people as well as active millennials who are eager to try new trends while maintaining their overall well-being.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Naturex food sample will involve snacking. With changing perceptions, snacking no longer is a behavior to be avoided. It now can be a convenient means of sensible eating. As consumers look for healthier options that will help them increase their fruit and vegetable intake, they are increasingly seeking treats that are both tasty and healthy.

Naturex therefore presents VEGO (Vegetables on the Go) Red and VEGO Green, which are two delicious snacks made from a combination of fruits and vegetables. These snacks are a perfect fit for busy adults looking to improve their eating habits. They provide a healthy alternative to conventional snacking and are easy to eat on the go.

Naturex is a leading global supplier of natural ingredients that add sensory appeal, enhance and stabilize products and infuse health and wellness products with natural vitality. Come learn more about the ingredients behind the innovations by visiting Naturex at FI Europe.

— Naturex,