Bill Graham, Vice President, Sales North America, PROVA Inc., announced that Brian Wilson has joined PROVA as a food technologist.

Graham said, “Brian is responsible for providing the technical support that our sales team requires in working with our customer’s product development challenges. He oversees PROVA’s Application Lab and in that capacity, he is involved in initial customer presentations as well as working on specific customer requirements.”

It was explained that Brian will assist in flavor development of both standard and customized applications, and will be available to offer sensorial training as needed for a wide range of applications. He is directly involved in the selection and preparation of PROVA samples for demonstrations at regional and national shows and exhibits. Brian will also be responsible for the development of a comprehensive flavor list for PROVA’s U.S. operations, making certain that the flavors meet the taste and regulatory parameters of the American marketplace.

According to Graham, “Brian brings substantial industry experience, including a flavor industry background. He has proven success in flavor creation and blending expertise and has had laboratory management experience. He has a working knowledge of the U.S. market and the impact of the latest trends.” Graham also noted that Brian is an accomplished baker, with catering experience and is skilled in creations that demonstrate his expertise in using chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors.

Before joining PROVA, Brian was a Food Technologist for Greencore USA where he worked closely with the company’s sales team to fulfill customers’ customized food requirements, blending flavors and ingredients to meet targeted taste and manufacturing objectives. While he was at Greencore, Brian served on a major coffee beverage account. Prior to his work at Greencore, he worked in R&D at Del’s Lemonade, and Quality Assurance at Autocrat LCC.

Brian holds a B.S. in Food Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he was a Food Lab Teaching Assistant. He has been an active member of the Northeast IFT region since 2012.

Graham said, “We are pleased to welcome Brian to PROVA, and we look forward to his contributions to the U.S. arm of the global and growing PROVA organization.”