Pure Leaf® Iced Tea, a product of The Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, announced the launch of Pure Leaf Tea House Collection, a super-premium line of organic tea leaves brewed with fruits and herbs for aromas and layered flavors. In addition to Pure Leaf Tea House Collection, the brand is building on the popularity of its Unsweetened Iced Tea by launching two new flavors – Unsweetened Black Tea with Lemon, and Unsweetened Green Tea – giving consumers more zero-calorie options that don't sacrifice on great taste.

"Our robust tea expertise allows us to come to market with innovations that truly meet consumer demand," said Kathy Kennedy, Director of Marketing, Pure Leaf. Whether it is expanding flavors in our already popular unsweetened iced tea line, or delighting consumers with expertly crafted organic blends for Tea House Collection, our passion for realness will continue to extend to everything we do."

Pure Leaf Tea House Collection is available in three unique flavors: Organic Black Tea with a hint of Sicilian Lemon & Honeysuckle, Organic Black Tea with a hint of Wild Blackberry & Sage, and Organic Green Tea with a hint of Fuji Apple & Ginger.